* It's a good idea to make sure you are well rested for your event!! (Your body will thank you) 

* Drink plenty of water! You face will look all that much more radiant and glowy!

* Before I arrive, make sure your face is clear of any makeup this means no mascara under your eyes from that wild night two days ago! lol

* And, moisturize! If you don't have a moisturizer-- I have one I can use for you when I arrive

Thats pretty much it! Message me in the contact tab with any questions!


Disclaimer: I use both drugstore and higher end products. Also, some of the products I use may not be vegan/cruelty free. I try and buy these products but, cannot guarantee anything. Also, to my knowledge, everything I use is hypoallergenic meaning nothing I use should break you out or cause a reaction. If you have sensitive skin--- please let me know that way I can try to accommodate you. If you feel more comfortable, I can use your personal makeup on you to make sure no mishaps happen.